Top 10 Professional web fonts from Google Fonts

Below is a list of popular and professional web fonts from Google Fonts, organized in a table with CSS import codes for font weights 400, 400 italic, and 600. You can use these in your web development projects:

Font NameCSS Import Code400400 Italic600
Open Sans@import url(',400i,600&display=swap');Open SansOpen Sans ItalicOpen Sans Semi-Bold
Lato@import url(',400i,700&display=swap');LatoLato ItalicLato Bold
Roboto@import url(',400i,700&display=swap');RobotoRoboto ItalicRoboto Bold
Montserrat@import url(',400i,600&display=swap');MontserratMontserrat ItalicMontserrat Semi-Bold
Nunito@import url(',400i,600&display=swap');NunitoNunito ItalicNunito Semi-Bold
Source Sans Pro@import url(',400i,600&display=swap');Source Sans ProSource Sans Pro ItalicSource Sans Pro Semi-Bold
PT Sans@import url(',400i,700&display=swap');PT SansPT Sans ItalicPT Sans Bold
Playfair Display@import url(',400i,700&display=swap');Playfair DisplayPlayfair Display ItalicPlayfair Display Bold

Copy and paste the relevant CSS import code into your stylesheet. Adjust the font weights and variations as needed in your project. Make sure to replace the generic font names with the actual font names you want to use.

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